About Career Enhancement Network
The Career Enhancement Network (CEN) is the UK’s definitive resource for people who want to either find a new job or enhance their career. The website is aimed at professionals, executives and graduates and contains a series of advanced guides on strategies for job seeking and career development. The content of the site has been produced by Matt Craven and a number of Associates who are genuine thought-leaders in the career enhancement world.

We work with numerous high profile organisations that use us as their resident career experts including the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), EACG, ACCA Careers, GAAPweb, TotallyLegal, Secsinthecity, the API, Webrecruit, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, CIPFA, Contractor Weekly and others. We also provide consultancy / training services to the recruitment industry using a number of leading-edge techniques that allow recruitment businesses to improve their chances of placing candidates.

Inside CEN you will find a series of over 50 existing guides, videos and blogs with more being added weekly. Below is a small selection of what you can expect to find inside our portal:

Write An Effective CV

Improve Interview Technique

Negotiate A Pay Rise

Enhance Your Career
• How to write a CV for the contract market
• How to write CVs if you are a new graduate
• How to write CVs when you are returning to work
• How to turbo-charge your interview technique
• How to tackle competency-based interviews
• How to use sales techniques in interviews
• How to write and use LinkedIn to develop your career
• How to develop a job hunting strategy
• How to negotiate your salary or a pay rise
• How to survive your probation*
• How to manage stress in the workplace*
• How to position yourself for a promotion
* Coming Soon
Why do some people always get the job they want?
The fact is, some people are infinitely more successful in securing jobs than others and it’s often regardless of how talented or otherwise they are. I bet for each person who is hired (or even promoted), there were half a dozen people who applied for that role that were better suited and more talented.

How many times do you hear of someone getting a top job and wonder how the heck they were chosen over and above anyone else?

Well it’s all to do with self-marketing and the ability to convince an employer that you can add value to their organisation. We see this every day in the world of business - every industry has its market leader and 99% of the time, they are not the best value or highest quality provider; what they are is the best marketeers.
Now apply this theory to finding a job and getting promoted!
So...how do you convince a potential employer that you can give them ROI and how do you become a super fantastic self-marketer?

Well the truth is - you can't unless you get some kind of training or inside knowledge. No-one was born with some kind of natural talent for self-marketing; you either learn this stuff or you remain with the mediocre masses.

But don't despair, here's the good news; we're happy to share all of that knowledge with you so that you can develop a great CV, learn how to be a great interviewer, develop the skills to be able to self-market yourself throughout your career and a whole host of other strategies that will help you to achieve an upward trajectory in your career.

And what's the catch you ask? Well in truth there isn't one. From an incredible low £7.99 per month you can join the Career Enhancement Network and get access to all the tools you need to secure your unfair advantage in the job market and beyond.

So for less than the cost of a haircut, will give you access to the UK's leading resource on job hunting and career development and we guarantee as a result you will reap the benefits.

Assuming by now that this is a complete no brainer and you will want to invest in your career, financial security and future happiness.

We look forward to welcoming you to the network!